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The Ultimate Guide to Using LinkedIn for Your New Millennial Business

Remember those times in school when you had to do group projects, but nobody wanted to work with you?

Your Small Business Guide to Getting CEO Perks

Ever wonder how big-shot CEOs afford fancy flights and swanky coworking spaces? It's not rocket science, it's smart...

Exploring Beacons AI: The Untapped Ocean

Hey there Digital Dreamers! Struggling to get more people to check out your website from social media? Don't worry,...

How Tech Psychology Gives First-Years a BIGGER Boost

What is tech psychology? Tech psychology (also known as cyberpsychology) is the application of psychological principles...

What is Impact Measurement Technology?

What is Impact Measurement Technology? Impact Measurement Technology helps businesses understand how well they're doing...

New Business Growth Hacks for 2024

Tired of your side hustle simmerin' on low heat when it could be scorchin' like a habanero in the founder world? Then...

10 Tips for Emotional Intelligence for New Business Owners

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand, manage, and express your own emotions, as well as recognize...

Customer Relationship Management 101 for New Business Owners

Discover how T.R.U.E. Support can revolutionize your customer relationship management for and solve urgent problems.

The New Business Tech-Savvy Guide to Success

Welcome to our Tech Foundations For Startups, your one-stop shop for all things underdeveloped business tech-related....
In the whirlwind of Tech Management

It's VITAL to find your balance!

It's just like finding the perfect pair of shoes to match your outfit. We'll explore the art of self-care, mindfulness, and staying true to your passion while nailing your project deliverables. After all, in a world of constant hustle, finding moments of serenity and inspiration is key to project management success!

Balancing Passion and Productivity


It's all about finding that sweet spot between passion and productivity. We'll jump into the power of keeping a growth mindset, inspiring you to tackle challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities. Learn to hustle with heart, lead with empathy, and create a business culture that attracts A-players and even better customers.

It's time to LIGHT that fire within you and make your business the talk of the internet.